Nutrition Challenge!


Hey Coasters!

Today launches our 2014 Nutrition Challenge!

Please remember, that if you don’t get measured by Lily today, that you get measured and do your “test WOD” on Tuesday!

Just like in past nutrition challenges we don’t expect you to subscribe to Paleo or Whole30 or Vegan or any other “pre-written” diet plan. We want you to make choices for you and your lifestyle. Need to cut out sweets, but want to keep pasta and grains? Need to quit drinking soda or other sugary drinks? Want to work on getting rid of white sugar or flour? The next 30-60 days provide you with accountability, support, and resources to set a goal and achieve it!

Unlike past challenges, however, we will be taking your Food/WOD Log into account when awarding prizes at the end. Don’t worry! We won’t be judging the quality or quantity of food, just that you’re keeping yourself accountable to YOUR goals.

Check back here daily for tips, tricks, and recipes!

Good luck!


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