Ok…so are you going to have a cheat meal tonight? Maybe this weekend?

Gonna go out for ice cream with the kids? Maybe it’s pizza night!

…or maybe, you don’t plan to cheat at all.

Cheat meals can actually HELP you lose weight and change your body! That’s right…a well structured and preplanned cheat meal can HELP.

Should we repeat that?

Cheat meals are helpful.

Not only are they great for willpower, because they allow you to give in and therefore let off a little steam before you explode and eat the ENTIRE pizza instead of just a couple of slices, they are actually GOOD for your body and metabolism.

Ok, so maybe you need some science, lucky for you, we can supply you with that!

When you start to restrict your diet (ie: go clean, cut carbs, etc) your body panics and starts to save things. The hormones Leptin (the hormone that regulates appetite and energy balance) and Ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates appetite) go a little crazy when we restrict calorie and carbohydrate intake. However, with a weekly cheat meal we can help to regulate just how crazy these hormones get.

The ideal affect of a cheat meal is to raise Leptin levels and lower Ghrelin levels this will help keep any negative affects on your metabolism short lived. A high calorie cheat meal will also increase thyroid function and boost metabolism which may help you break through any weight plateaus. (We don’t really care about your weight, but do know that some of you have goals…)

So…yes, this is the one time we’ll encourage you to cheat.

Plan a complete evening affair.

Pick a day, stick with it, and eat something you WANT that doesn’t fit with the program.

But hey, don’t forget…have a slice for us too!

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