Protein is the building block of muscle construction. More muscle = better metabolism. If you don’t get enough protein you’re in for trouble! It will cause muscle depletion and all sorts of other nasty problems you don’t want or need.

The base amount of protein you need is more than the required RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) states! Basically if you sit on your bum all day and have no desire to lose weight or tone anything you are perfectly ok with the recommended 50g of protein. Otherwise a good rule of thumb is 1.2-2 grams of protein for every 2.2 lbs of body weight for an active individual looking to lean up.

But, your body needs different kinds of protein. Just eating rice with protein won’t cut it just like eating only chicken won’t cut it either, you need to mix it up!

So, looking for easy ways to get more protein? Here are some quickies you ca use as snacks to get you started!

1. 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt = 23g (Add some berries! Add some cinnamon!)
2. Hard Boiled Egg = 6g
3. 1/2 Cup of Cottage Cheese = 12g (Fruit it up!)
4. 2tbs of Peanut Butter = 8-9g (Slap it on some celery…)
5. 1/4 Cup of Almonds = 8g
6. 1 Cup of Black Beans = 15g
7. 1/4 Cup of Sunflower Seeds = 9g
9. 1/4 Cup of Walnuts = 5g
10. 3oz of Shrimp = 12g

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