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Fun Size It!

Happy Halloween! Advertisements

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Thursday Thoughts

What are you telling yourself everyday?  

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Protein is the building block of muscle construction. More muscle = better metabolism. If you don’t get enough protein you’re in for trouble! It will cause muscle depletion and all sorts of other nasty problems you don’t want or need. … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday!

Guess what kind of day it is! It’s a good day to try something new!! Homemade “KIND” Bars Avocado “Grasshoppers” Carrot Salad Granola! Hasselback Sweet Potatoes Crockpot Italian Chicken Soup  

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It’s a new week!

Have a rough weekend? Maybe have a little too fun “cheating?” Well, it’s Monday and it’s time to get back at it!

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Ok…so are you going to have a cheat meal tonight? Maybe this weekend? Gonna go out for ice cream with the kids? Maybe it’s pizza night! …or maybe, you don’t plan to cheat at all. Cheat meals can actually HELP … Continue reading

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Fuel & Refuel

Remember guys… FOOD IS FUEL!!! Are you feeling sluggish during the WODs? Find yourself hitting a mid-afternoon wall? Are you eating enough at the right times?

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